Welcome to the home of The last Message.

This Site is designed to allow individuals to share and come together with their thoughts and ideas that they deem important for the future. Have you ever thought about what you would want future humans, or other intelligence, to know about your time here? Or perhaps what you would say to make sure your memory survives forever?

How would you leave your legacy?

Different elements of Art and Technology have provided numerous ways of documenting and sharing ideas with the rest of the world. Whether we turn our thoughts into a object that can be visualized, heard, or even a felt, we all have something to say, and perhaps a unique way to say it.

My Art students express their talents and messages through the medium of painting and drawing, which converts content in their minds into a visual space. These visualizations have a voice, not of just the aural sense, but one of identification, unique to their being and the items they create.

Join us to leaving messages for the future

Post Images, Poems, Sounds, Statements, or Outrageous Ideas!